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          Re- Education


                                  A STORY FROM MY CHILDHOOD

                                                Samuel Phillipss

                     rowing up for me was    everything my hands could find. But   pler narration.
                     definitely a beautiful   of the many reading materials that
                     thing, not because      really had much influence on my    The village of  love
         GI was born with a                  young mind back then were stories   Once upon a time, as the story
          golden spoon in my mouth, but      told by older people.  We had lots   went, there was this little village
          because I was raised in a home     of such Afrikan stories back then.   somewhere in Afrika where the
          environment of discipline and hard   Those stories made some deep     people lived in such beautiful har-
          work. Learning, then, was deep and   impressions on my young mind,    mony and goodwill. Every member
          went beyond ramming things into    even though they carried much fun   of the community lived as broth-
          your head just to pass exams or to   with them as well. It’s from one   ers, sisters, mothers, fathers and
          impress your parents, teachers or   these stories and how it relates to   all watched out and cared for each
          friends. It was a deep and personal   our present day that I am writing   other.
          daily walk, to find and know myself   this article.                   However, in as much as they lived
          from the inside out. Dad was a     I cannot tell you exactly whether   in such harmony and love amongst
          pastor, and mum a primary school   the book that carried this particular   themselves, one thing however
          teacher, so friendship with books   story can be found anywhere, even   made them very interesting, that is,
          and reading materials was just a   online, nor can I tell you that I will   on their market day, sellers would
          natural thing you would make.      relay the tale exactly how I read it   bring their farm products and crafts
                                             back then. But I am pretty sure I   to the market for sale but would
          So, I grew up reading anything and   can at least provide you with a sim-  not sit to watch their goods. They

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