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                                 WAKE UP AFRIKA! WE ARE


                                                  Chioma Phillips

                       DEBUNKING THE MYTH OF A WEAK AND

                                          BACKWARD AFRIKA

               n a 2006 thesis titled, “Why   in economic terms has been blamed   At the same time, the World Eco-
               has Asia succeeded while Af-  on a large number of things over   nomic Forum and so-called global
               rica has not?” John A. Morrell   the years: poor infrastructure,   elites have sat down to devise a
          Imakes the all-important point     inadequately trained human re-     direction that they plan to and have
          that in East and Southern Asia     source, inadequate foreign direct   begun to steer the entire world in.
          and Sub-Saharan Afrika “at times   investment, over-involvement of    Yet again, Afrika seems caught up
          of their respective independence   government, corruption in govern-  in the vortex of their plans, with-
          movements or at the conclusion of   ment and on and on. Mocked and    out so much as making a stand for
          their principal war for the founda-  ridiculed by the world, even to the   her needs or the needs of her sons
          tion of the current state, they were   point of being deemed some kind   and daughters. Mindlessly heeding
          at comparable stages of economic   of a nuisance with nations around   their dictates in exchange for a few
          development and displayed compa-   the world malevolently dipping into   hundred billion dollars and years
          rable standards of living indicators.”   their coffers to ‘help’ Afrika, the   more of debt imprisonment for her
          He goes on to explain that their   continent became encumbered by a   people. The governments of Afrika
          growth trajectories were similar up   very serious case of low self-esteem   seem to have been spellbound by
          until a point where Afrika’s own   and low self-regard. So much so    some very dark forces indeed to
          dropped significantly in the 80s and   that generations of Afrikans were   keep being drawn deeper into the
          90s. Indeed, nations such as Singa-  indoctrinated into the school of   whirlpool of global domination over
          pore and Malaysia are illustrations   “let’s bash Afrika” and have been   Afrika.
          of great growth that it seems has   effectively doing so for decades, in   A 2016 article published on live-
          eluded Afrika for decades.         word and deed. Joining the world asked the question, “Are
                                             in condemning Afrika to a kind of   China and India the new colonial
          Afrika’s remarkable lack of growth   living hell.                     powers in Africa?” Horrifying

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