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          thought. I rather ask YOU the ques-  France and just behind the United   employment opportunities in their
          tion, “Is Afrika dooming herself to   Kingdom, Japan, Germany, the US   countries of studies, expecting that
          an eternity of slavery and servitude   and China. It was under British rule   – upon their return home – they will
          to the world?”                     until 1947 and – like China – ex-  not find any placement here. This
                                             perimented with various strategies   sometimes is the case, but let me
          Consider this, China has a popula-  for economic growth, trying and   ask a most important question. Who
          tion of 1.44 billion people, which   failing until in 1991, it hit just the   said that employment must be their
          is about 18.47% of the total world   right note and is now seen as some-  endgame?
          population. The nation struggled for   where between an emerging and a
          decades to find the right economic   developed nation. Population? 1.39   Indeed, all around the world, stan-
          model by which to raise its people   billion, which puts it at about 17.7%   dards of education have improved
          out of devastating poverty. From   of the global population.          greatly in the last 40-50 years and
          1949 when they were fighting to                                       as a result of these improvements
          come out of the effects of decades   What about Afrika?               in Afrika, there are hundreds of
          of warfare, to a severe economic cri-  Now to our beloved Afrika. Did you   millions of skilled Afrikans available
          sis they encountered following their   know that all sons and daughters   and ready to do what it takes to
          fallout with Russia, to a famine that   of Afrika – including those on and   transform our continent. Despite
          led to the deaths of about 20 million   off the continent and those who   what has been said about the quality
          Chinese in the early 60s – to finding   descended from our people who   of graduates from Afrikan univer-
          the right formula, making the neces-  were sold into slavery total about 1.6   sities being poor or irrelevant for
          sary reforms and the resultant rapid   billion? That’s about 20.7% of the   today’s job market, I believe that it’s
          and consistent growth which has    total world population! Over 60%   simply a matter of misplaced priori-
          now placed it as the world’s largest   of the population is aged below 25   ties. For, even a child who has stud-
          economy – yes, ahead of the United   years and it is expected (according   ied up to primary school has more
          States of America. Not only that,   to the ILO) that by 2100, 50% of   new information than the child who
          but China owns US$ 1.1 Trillion    the world’s youth will be Afrikan.   has never been trained and – as such
          of America’s debt. Second only to   That’s huge and amazing and some-  – is in a great position to up-skill
          Japan who has US$ 1.25 Trillion.   thing we can use to our advantage   all those around them to the level
          This is the country that faced col-  once we shed the lies we have been   that they reached - at the minimum.
          onization and imperialistic oppres-  told and we have established and   But, as we all know, the focus of the
          sion from Britain, France, Russia,   propagated with our own words    education and employment sector
          Germany and Japan – SIMULTA-       and actions. Afrikan universities are   has not been to train people to
          NEOUSLY. And had to deal with      releasing about 10 million graduates   understand how to give value back
          America’s oppressive tactics as well.   per year (2016 figures) and outside   to their communities – but rather
          They shook off the mockery of the   of the continent but because of a   how to be useful minions powering
          world at their human rights abuses,   negative self-perception and percep-  the very system that has oppressed
          counterfeit products and became the   tion of Afrika, about 70,000 skilled   them and continues to oppress them
          outsourcing destination of the world   professionals emigrate from Afrika   mercilessly. Consider the case of
          and used that to build their econ-  every year, so much so that more   South Afrika, where the strategy was
          omy to the point where it reached   locally-born physicians are living   to find ways to disconnect Afrikan
          the top of the global pyramid. They   outside of Afrika than in Afrika. In   communities from the land and their
          are engineering their nation into a   the health sector alone, countries are   sense of communal living in order
          position of global domination – not   losing about US$2 billion in brain   to gain workers for the mines. It was
          to speak of what they are up to    drain per year for Afrikans who    never about the welfare of the peo-
          militarily. So, the China we all once   were trained in Afrika, and yet they   ple, but rather that of the machine
          mocked are enjoying quite a laugh at   go and give their strength elsewhere.   that powers the system.
          all our expenses – think of Afrika’s   Afrika’s advantage, therefore, goes   Did you know that globally, over
          debt to China for a moment.        to the West or East. In addition to   350 million youth (aged 15-24) are
                                             that, Afrikans who go to study in   said to be not employed, engaged in
          India is the 6th largest economy in   the US are said to be among the   education or any form of training?
          the world – and that’s only because   best-educated immigrants. Most   That in 2012, the World Economic
          Covid knocked them down from       Afrikans who go to study abroad    Forum called youth unemployment
          position number 5. India is ahead of   often do all to take advantage of   a ‘disaster’ and a ‘cancer in society’?

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