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          These are the same people who are   ployment keeps them bound to that   We have failed ourselves and we
          involved in ‘shaping’ the future of   job/company/field as a source of   have failed each other. Our brothers
          the world and they say to themselves   income, but if they maintain a con-  and sisters, sons and daughters who
          that youth are a potential threat to   nection to the earth, they can always   flee Afrika do so on the basis of
          the stability of the nations of the   find ways to grow food and there-  uncomfortable political, economic
          world. How does that sit in the    by be able to sustain themselves,   and other physical realities on the
          same mouths that call the youth    without depending on employment    ground in the continent. They flee
          the leaders of the future? You must   – things will change. Who said that   in search of the lie of ‘comfortable
          remember that they consider them-  employment was the panacea of      living’ in America, Europe, Australia
          selves to be elites. The top thinkers,   the world anyway? From everything   and Asia. They work hard in menial
          industrialists, media houses, youth   we’ve seen, it clearly isn’t – or are   or top jobs, empowering the harsh
          leaders, governments, financiers,   you not aware that more unemploy-  taskmasters that turn against Afrika,
          educators and on and on and on –   ment is coming with automation     effectively becoming pawns in the
          and they have not found a way to   and ‘efficiencies’ being put in place.   hands of those who seek no good
          stem youth unemployment, the rate   But more than all of this, if we can   for the continent. They send money
          of which has not decreased since   remind them that the solutions to   home to Afrika, yes, but avoid the
          2005? Somehow, it always seems to   the problems in Afrika rest in their   hard work of coming home to deal
          be a bigger issue that Afrikan youth   hands, if we can point them to their   with the situation here, which could
          (born on and off the continent) are   true identities, then their true pur-  ensure that thousands of people
          unemployed, and oppressive and     poses will emerge. If we can direct   do not drown in the Mediterranean
          hateful things have been done to   them to the passion to fulfill these   each year seeking ‘a better life’.
          them to curtail their innovativeness,   purposes, then shifts and changes   Which could ensure that their own
          youthful verve and imaginations.   will take place. If we can show them   children can find a better future
          These fake elites either have no clue   that the ugly in Afrika is only there   here.
          how to keep young people engaged   because we as a people have chosen
          and focused on productive outputs,   not to do anything about it, but that   Afrika needs all her sons and daugh-
          or they see them as a threat to their   it is time to change that narrative –   ters in order to make a genuine go
          plans and are setting them up for   and show them how to begin, then   of things. I’m not saying we need to
          something even more horrendous     they can commit to finding a path   be like India or China and try to be
          than we can imagine. Either way, it   towards shifting the reality of Afrika   the world’s top economy. No. I’m
          is clear they don’t have the answers   towards a better future that is genu-  saying that we need to rediscover
          that Afrika is seeking in the name of   inely free from slavery.      the purpose of Afrika and fulfill that
          ‘development’.                                                        purpose together, as a people. That
                                             But we have to STOP putting down   we need to consider that together,
          It makes no sense to me that we    our continent and our people with   all 1.6 billion of us are so strong
          would call our Afrikan engineering   our own thoughts, words and ac-  that we can make an impact that will
          degrees outdated. Fine, maybe they   tions. We have dearly loved brothers   ensure that Afrika finally lives up
          are based on information and meth-  and sisters who risk everything to   to her name and true position. The
          ods from the 60s – but, if combined   cross the Sahara to go to North   life-giver, the mother, the nurturer.
          with wisdom and the use of the     Afrika to try the Mediterranean    And in doing so, we can restore
          internet (especially the “YouTube   crossing, in search of fake ‘greener   sanity to a world that is in a frenzy
          university”), our engineers can use   pastures’ in Europe. Along the way,   of accumulation and blind psycho-
          those same degrees for good things,   many hazards await them, including   pathic self-destruction. I’m saying
          especially in communities that don’t   murder, rape, forced prostitution,   that our path and that of the world
          even have basic infrastructure in   robbery, extortion, bribery and   intersect not at the point of greed,
          place. If the youth can be guided to   even drowning. For the cost of an   but at the point of the restoration
          use things like TikTok not to shake   estimated US$ 5000? Why is it that   of life. That is Afrika’s unique
          their bums, but to create challenges   they don’t know that if they have   purpose and we are uniquely placed,
          using their pan-Afrikan networks   US$ 5000 it can actually be used to   all #1point6billionstrong of us, to
          that are geared towards positive   transform not only their lives but   make this happen.
          social transformation in their local   also those of their communities
          communities – things will change.   around them?
          If we can remind the youth that em-

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